Flask Integration Steps

Install SDKs

pip install opentelemetry-distro
pip install opentelemetry-exporter-otlp

You can use standard OpenTelemetry SDKs to send traces to our collector. List of all supported languages by OpenTelemetry and their SDK can be found in OpenTelemetry docs.

Add auto-instrumentation

opentelemetry-bootstrap --action=install

Run your application<your_service_name> \
OTEL_EXPORTER_OTLP_HEADERS="infrastack-api-key=<your_infrastack_api_key>" \
opentelemetry-instrument <your_run_command>

Go to InfraStack AI Dashboard (opens in a new tab) to observe your traces

Running applications with Gunicorn, uWSGI

For application servers which are based on pre fork model like Gunicorn, uWSGI you have to add a post_fork hook or a @postfork decorator in your configuration.

Check this documentation (opens in a new tab) from OpenTelemetry on how to set it up.

Here's (opens in a new tab) a working example where we have configured a gunicorn server with post_fork hook.